Synergia offers two types of programs, Open Enrollment Programs, and Custom/School Programs. Open enrollment refers to programs that anyone can apply for to participate, within age guidelines and requirements. Open enrollment is distinct from custom or group programs in which an established group forms the whole of the participants and the program is not open to anyone outside of that group, class, organization.

The approach to learning and the kind of education practiced at Synergia Learning Ventures is described on the Philosophy page. The actual programs we offer are described in general below.  To read about our programs in more detail, visit the links above.


Summer Camps 2018

Our 2018 adventure-based outdoor camps are open enrollment.     Join us for an opportunity to learn more about wilderness immersion and self discovery through rock climbing, ropes course and backpacking expedition. Space is limited so register today to secure your spot. Register before May 15th and take advantage of an early enrollment price reduction.

Confluence: Youth and the Yuba River

Youth are agents of change. The Confluence program brings together youth from the Upper and Lower Yuba River watershed. The Yuba is one river, yet the upper and lower reaches are worlds apart: socially, environmentally, politically. Youth from both the upper and lower watershed will join together to learn about each other, and the river that connects them.

Challenge Ropes Course


The ropes course program at Synergia is well known for its excellent facilitation and state-of-the-art course construction. Set in a secluded grove of Ponderosa Pines, the High and Low Ropes Course is created for groups of all types. learn more

School Trips

Programs are structured with attention to our four strands: Adventure Challenge, Service Learning, Social Development, and Field Study. The specific curriculum is designed to incorporate other aspects of learning, such as history of place, stewardship, and youth media. A program is designed that is especially suited to the class as a whole and that will result in a class trip that will have relevance to the current needs and studies of the class, as well as serving to strengthen social bonds, leadership and class unity. learn more

Finding the Good

Finding the Good is a multi-faceted 16-week traveling semester program dedicated to the research, study, documentation, and sharing of working models of sustainability. Our program is open to high school juniors and seniors looking to take a semester of study away from their traditional schools, as well as to students taking a gap year after high school graduation. learn more

Family Programs

It may look as though Synergia only offers programs for youth. In fact, we have designed and led programs for families for over two decades. Synergia acknowledges the sacredness of family, and sees the need for families to adventure together to strengthen bonds and understanding. Contact us to design a custom program for the families in your life.

Youth Media

Synergia’s youth media projects are a vital and integral part of many programs and projects, particularly the Finding the Good program. Synergia is breaking new ground by taking youth and technology into the wilderness and into the field, interviewing and recording – while we are adventuring – and then producing radio and film documentaries.

Synergia has three documentary films to its credit, the award winning “Dude, Where’s My River?” a student exploration of Hetch Hetchy, produced in 2004;  Cache Creek “Wild and Scenic” which helped to pass legislation to protect a beautiful river in Northern California, and Awakening the Bear River, an exploration of the many faces of the Bear River. Available from Green Planet Films. We highly recommend these inspiring films for classroom and home viewing.

Summer Exchange


Designed for high school age students 13-18, we focus on building leadership skills, adventure, understanding a place, practice activism and educate through living in community and working together on projects.



Salmon Camp 2006

In October 2006, Synergia launched Yuba Salmon Camp, on the banks of the main stem of the Yuba River. For nine days and nights we camped beside the river, alongside migrating and spawning Chinook salmon, to learn about the salmon and the river, both past and present. learn more