Interested in planning an 8th Grade Trip?


Synergia has worked with school classes from pre-school through the University level since 1992. From one-day ropes course programs, to 14-day 8th grade trips, to 10 day service projects for high school students, we work closely with teachers to create an experience that will enhance and benefit the entire class, in the greatest possible way.

Programs are structured with attention to our four strands:

  • Adventure Challenge
  • Service Learning
  • Social Development
  • Field Study

The specific curriculum is designed to incorporate other aspects of learning, such as history of place, stewardship, and youth media. A program is designed that is especially suited to the class as a whole and that will result in a class trip that will have relevance to the current needs and studies of the class, as well as serving to strengthen social bonds, leadership and class unity.

Since 1994, Synergia has spent a portion of every spring leading extensive 8th grade trips, mostly for Waldorf schools and charter schools . Without exception, these trips are profound journeys for the students, for the teacher, and for our staff. For more information click this link.  Importance of the 8th gr trip revised 8_14